About Us

Why GL Haven?

LGBT rights in many countries across Africa, Asia and elsewhere are still being violated.
In many countries homosexuality is punishable by death or imprisonment.
Discrimination is so high that many gays and lesbian chose to marry to the opposite sex in order to avoid being discriminated against.
Those who end up in that kind of loveless and unhappy marriages stay in the closet for the rest of their lives, unhappy and at times unable to satisfy their partners’ sexual needs.

But what does that have to do with GLHaven?

Chances are that if you are reading this right now, you plan on staying in the closet for as long as possible. Get married, have children and live a miserable life with a wife or husband who will never know nothing about your secret and if they do, probably throw you under the bus.

You’re not alone! And there is nothing wrong with that!


Don’t you sometimes wish that you could find someone who understands who you are? Who you REALLY are.
Many people in the world feel rejected by their communities. They wish they did not have to hide. But the reality is that as long as mentalities haven’t changed and in some cases discrimination is getting worse, gays and lesbians will need to hide, will need to protect themselves and be protected. They will need a HAVEN.
Gay and Lesbian Haven (GL Haven) is a dating site like no other.
GL Haven is for those who feel that marriage is the ONLY WAY OUT of discrimination.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a gay husband or a lesbian wife?
Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to love freely you boyfriend/girlfriend without worrying that your “wife” or “husband” might find out.
GL Haven helps arrange marriages between gays and lesbians from parts of the world where homosexuality is still taboo

Because sometimes, MARRIAGE is the only HAVEN some of us have left.

Join the Gay and Lesbian Haven (GL Haven) right now and find your future “husband” or “wife”; and live your life as a happy gay man or lesbian woman with someone who actually knows and understands who you really are!


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