Russia: Formal complaint made over gay crackdown in Chechnya

A gay Russian man accused authorities in Chechnya on Monday of jailing and beating him as part of a broad crackdown on LGBT people. Maxim Lapunov said during a news conference that unidentified people detained him on a street in the Russian region’s provincial capital, Grozny, in March and drove him to a detention facility. Guards beat […]


Original Story Appeared on News Week ===== The Royal College of Psychiatrists issued a statement on Monday expressing regret for the harm done to LGB people by aversion therapy. The statement came in response to an interview published by BuzzFeed with Jeremy Gavins, a British man forced into ‘treatment’ at the age of 18. Gavins described, among other […]

Azerbaijan considered worst place to be gay in Europe

During the last two weeks of September, Azerbaijani police launched a violent campaign of “arresting and torturing men presumed to be gay or bisexual, as well as transgender women,” according to Human Rights Watch and local advocacy organizations. On Oct. 2, by all accounts, police released all the detainees, officiallyacknowledging that 83 had been detained. […]

LGBT activists worry about Trump impact in Africa

Gay rights activist Joseph Achille Tiedjou is worried every day that he will be harassed or arrested in Cameroon. Defending LGBT rights can be dangerous in Africa, where many countries have laws against homosexuality. But in recent years activists have stepped out of the shadows, empowered by the support of the Obama administration and the […]

While The U.N. Condemns Anti-Gay Crackdowns In Egypt, Indonesia And Azerbaijan, The U.S. Remains Silent

Altogether, more than 180 alleged homosexuals have been arrested in the three largely Muslim countries. The U.N. has issued a stern rebuke against the recent harassment and arrests of LGBT people in three largely Muslim countries. “We are deeply concerned by a wave of arrests in Azerbaijan, Egypt and Indonesia of more than 180 people […]

Hate group summit attended by Donald Trump warns about ‘diseased’ gay people

The gift bags at an anti-gay summit addressed by Trump include a pamphlet warning about the “health hazards” of homosexuality. Donald Trump today became the first sitting President in recent history to address the gathering of a listed anti-LGBT hate group, when he spoke at the Value Voters Summit.  The event was held by the Family Research […]

Gay men and trans women were suddenly rounded up in Azerbaijan. Here’s why.

During the last two weeks of September, Azerbaijani police launched a violent campaign of “arresting and torturing men presumed to be gay or bisexual, as well as transgender women,” according to Human Rights Watchand local advocacy organizations. On Oct. 2, by all accounts, police released all the detainees, officially acknowledging that 83 had been detained. Local advocacy organizations claim that beatings, […]

Four people have just been imprisoned for homosexuality in Egypt

The Haram Misdemeanour Court sentenced the defendants to three years in prison on Saturday, for acts which were “inconsistent with public morality and homosexuality”. The illegal actions were committed in a residential apartment in Hadayeq al-Ahram, Giza, near the country’s famous pyramids, according to the Egyptian Independent. The convicted people, whose genders and names have […]

Hate in the Motherland – Homophobia in Africa

Despite the rapid advance of gay rights worldwide, homosexuality is still illegal in numerous African nations while same-sex marriage is legal in only one African nation. The sole African nation that has legalised same-sex marriage, South Africa, gets many cases of what is termed as correctional rape. This reflects the fact that even though it is […]

Gay man shares bullying experience in response to politician’s comments about marriage equality

Australia is still in the grips of a debate over marriage equality, and it’s often been a toxic affair. In September, the country’s National Mental Health Commission issued a statementconcerned about the negative impacts brought on LGBTQ people by the continuing marriage equality debate. Australian conservative politician Matthew Canavan responded by saying the debate “hasn’t been that bad,” and that […]