The agony and joy of being gay in Africa

At an international conference on Black portraiture, imagery and depiction in Johannesburg, South Africa last November, I gave a presentation about the state of LGBT rights across the African continent. I told participants that I’d just come from New York, where, at the UN, the African bloc had spearheaded an effort to torpedo the work […]

Homosexuality Goes Against the Laws of Nature (Debunked)

Via Patheos ======== Most objections to LGBTQ rights stem from religion. The Bible says it’s a sin, therefore certain people can’t have equal rights, etc. But there are objections that are secular in nature, like the idea that homosexuality contradicts the basic idea of evolution or that there’s just something “unnatural” about it. YouTuber Stephen Woodford addresses […]

I Am A Gay Man From A Conservative Punjabi Family In Delhi, And This Is My Story

Originally published on Youth Ki Awaaz =========== By Rajat: I am from a typically conservative Punjabi family in Delhi. And hence, growing up queer was a challenge for me in such a family set up. With little interest in so-called ‘manly’ things like playing cricket, flying kites, riding bikes, or having a teenage infatuation for […]


SITTING IN AN interrogation room at Dulles International Airport, Ella was paralyzed with fear. Terrified by the uniformed immigration officials lobbing questions at her, the 23-year-old Ugandan woman could think of only one thing: “I can’t go home.” One year earlier, Ella had been caught in her village in bed with her female partner. Rounded up and […]

Will India Ever be Free of Homophobia? What Are We Waiting For?

Column originally appeared on The Quint ======= No Indian with a straight face can deny that sex is a taboo subject in India. If the simple mention of sex can cause so much hullabaloo in our society, it is no surprise to see all hell break loose at the very mention of homosexuality. While sex […]

Okay to be gay: LMU class taught me homosexuality is not a sin

Original article published on Laloyolan ====== “Don’t ask that guy — he wants to hang them all!” Trump reportedly joked of Pence at a private meeting as described in an article published in the New Yorker. While the extremes of Pence’s personal feelings toward gay people are unknown, we do know that he believes in conversion […]

Gay man shares bullying experience in response to politician’s comments about marriage equality

Australia is still in the grips of a debate over marriage equality, and it’s often been a toxic affair. In September, the country’s National Mental Health Commission issued a statementconcerned about the negative impacts brought on LGBTQ people by the continuing marriage equality debate. Australian conservative politician Matthew Canavan responded by saying the debate “hasn’t been that bad,” and that […]

2 gay Iraqi soldiers found love amid war. Then the death threats started

Each night, when the guns fell silent in Iraq, Btoo Allami would invite his friend Nayyef Hrebid over for dinner. The two first locked eyes on a dusty battlefield in Ramadi. After days of exchanging hasty glances amid gunfire, they snuck away one night to listen to Michael Jackson on shared earbuds. The music stopped, […]

‘I hear you’: Gok Wan responds to homophobia with a poignant post

Much-loved stylist and TV star, Gok Wan, took to Instagram yesterday evening to share this thoughts on the ‘lads’ who felt it necessary to verbally abuse him while passing him in the airport. In a succinct but poignant message to the men, Gok wrote: “Lads at the airport. When I walk past you and you mutter ‘Queer Faggot’, […]

Enough Is Enough: Christians, Homosexuality, And The Casting Of Stones

I am so tired of hate speech spewing Christians. They of the holier-than-though contingent who seem to think their shit doesn’t stink. I am tired of my homosexuality being labeled a sin. I am tired of my acting upon my sexual desires being labeled a sin. John 8:7 (KJV): “He that is without sin among […]