Gay man shares bullying experience in response to politician’s comments about marriage equality

Australia is still in the grips of a debate over marriage equality, and it’s often been a toxic affair. In September, the country’s National Mental Health Commission issued a statementconcerned about the negative impacts brought on LGBTQ people by the continuing marriage equality debate. Australian conservative politician Matthew Canavan responded by saying the debate “hasn’t been that bad,” and that […]

2 gay Iraqi soldiers found love amid war. Then the death threats started

Each night, when the guns fell silent in Iraq, Btoo Allami would invite his friend Nayyef Hrebid over for dinner. The two first locked eyes on a dusty battlefield in Ramadi. After days of exchanging hasty glances amid gunfire, they snuck away one night to listen to Michael Jackson on shared earbuds. The music stopped, […]

‘I hear you’: Gok Wan responds to homophobia with a poignant post

Much-loved stylist and TV star, Gok Wan, took to Instagram yesterday evening to share this thoughts on the ‘lads’ who felt it necessary to verbally abuse him while passing him in the airport. In a succinct but poignant message to the men, Gok wrote: “Lads at the airport. When I walk past you and you mutter ‘Queer Faggot’, […]

Enough Is Enough: Christians, Homosexuality, And The Casting Of Stones

I am so tired of hate speech spewing Christians. They of the holier-than-though contingent who seem to think their shit doesn’t stink. I am tired of my homosexuality being labeled a sin. I am tired of my acting upon my sexual desires being labeled a sin. John 8:7 (KJV): “He that is without sin among […]

Without rampant homophobia in online gaming, I might forget I’m gay

Some of us need a constant reminder It’s not easy being a single man in the city in 2017. There is so much stress to deal with from work, commute, trying to spend time with friends, exercising, eating right, finances, and always trying to improve yourself that it’s possible your brain may become so overloaded that […]

It’s time to stop using religion as an excuse for homophobia

Marriage is just another legal contract. Invented by humans and argued over by lawyers, politicians and various religious organisations. But while anything handled by any combination of these three entities is likely to end in a complete mess, fortunately all of them have been very willing in the past to make major changes and U-turns […]

Gay slurs in class bothered this teacher. The reaction when he came out surprised him.

Discussing his sexuality with a group of 12-year-olds wasn’t something this Indianapolis teacher particularly wanted to do in his first year of teaching. So Jack Hesser, a second-year science teacher in Indianapolis, decided to dance around the subject, dropping little crumbs. But then the slurs started creeping in. “That’s so gay.” “You’re so gay.” “Don’t […]

AUSTRALIA: LGBT+ people share their traumatic experiences of homophobia on Twitter

Australians have taken to Twitter to share their experiences of homophobic and transphobic abuse as part of the campaign for equal marriage in the country. A postal vote was opened earlier this week for citizens to vote either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on whether they would like to see same-sex marriage legalised in Australia. Comedian Josh Thomas […]